"Thessaloniki Film Museum"

organized the fund raising for the Thessaloniki Film Museum which was founded in the course of the Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe Festival in 1997


We present only limited copies from all project  oThessaloniki Film Museum :

what say the journalist Dimaras what say the journalist Dimaras  brief to Goulandri answer  from Goulandri the turkish offer the turkish offer 2.000.000 dollars
subject in Newspaper1 subject in Newspaper1   brief to Melina Merkuri brief to Melina Merkuri  aggreement with Prefecture Thessaloniki aggreement with Prefecture Thessaloniki
subject in Newspapaer subject in Newspaper2     thinks of museum building thinks of museum building brief for sponsoring brief for sponsoring
some machines some machines katalog of films, machines, posters , etc. katalog of films, machines, posters , etc.

the last word Billilis in Book

the last word from Billilis in Book

new offer:
Machines  more
Brief for Book-sponsoring  more (gr)